Throughout your life, it’s understandable to find that you’ve simply amassed too many things. One of the most of common areas in a home that fills the fastest with clothing is the closet. In fact, statistics show that a woman in the United States owns an average of 30 separate outfits. It’s rare that someone will wear each and every outfit they’ve collected. Considering that, many consider donating clothes to a charity. It’s understandable to wonder how to donate to charity in the event that you’ve never done this before. With that in mind, here is more information for those donating to a charity for the first time.

Finding Clothing Donations in Your Home

Your first step will be finding clothing items to donate throughout your home. Many people tend to begin looking in their closets for potential clothing donations. That being said, you might find that you have clothing donations in the attic or other rooms of your home. It’s important to take the time to thoroughly search your home, as you might be surprised where you end up find suitable clothing donations.

After you’ve figured out which rooms to find donations in, it’s time to begin sorting clothing. Many charities prefer to receive clothing that is gently used. That being said, you can still donate clothing that you feel might be too used for resale. In many cases, clothing that doesn’t meet donation requirements for resale can still be used for plenty of other purposes. Also, donating clothing instead of throwing it away helps to prevent more textile waste being add to landfills. In fact, statistics show that nearly 12 million tons of waste end up being thrown out of homes throughout the United States each year.

Options for Donating Clothing

It’s now time to find out how to go about giving your clothes to a charity. You’ll tend to have two main options, taking these clothes to the physical location of a charity or having these items picked up. If you want to bring items to a charity, it’s best to place them in bags or boxes. That being said, trash bags tend to work well for being able to easily carry large amounts of clothing donations.

On the other hand, it’s understandable if you prefer giving clothing to charities that will pick up donations. In certain situations, helping families can seem impossible if you’re unable to leave your home to drop off donations. Donation pick ups are especially advantageous for those who are unable to safely leave their respective homes.

In conclusion, it’s understandable to feel slightly overwhelmed in the event that you’ve never given back to a charity before. Statistics show that 95.4% of those in the United States take part in some type of charitable giving. With that in mind, each one of those individuals had to start somewhere. You’ll find that following the previously mentioned advice will help ensure that future clothing donations projects are incredibly easy to complete. In addition, charitable giving tends to give many people a feeling that they’ve truly done something to help others.

How to Donate to a Charity for the First Time

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