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Hair cuts and hair styles are a mainframe of society and culture not only in just the United States, but also across the entire planet. For many men, they will often visit a barber about twice a month or maybe less to keep their hair maintained and kept well. For women, however, visiting a salon is maybe more frequent and is much more of an experience. While most men are believed to be low maintenance, there are plenty of men that truly value a high quality haircut. As a matter of fact, understand that in the year 2016 alone, 58.99 million Americans had 4 or more hair cuts. Now, that statistic is only presenting an average, so understand that there are some people who get less haircuts than this, and there are some people that will go above and beyond this number in terms of how many haircuts they have. Women specifically are more often likely to have longer hair than men which requires, on average, them to style, blow-dry, and wash their hair for about 3 hours a week. Yes, that is 3 hours a week which is amazing. Every single month as well, there are way over 100 million different Americans that will visit salons. With this type of hair craze, there are now more people than ever going out to salons and dying their hair. Again, women specifically love to get a different hair color here and there and are more willing to experiment with hair cosmetics. Here are some ways you can decide your next hair color.

When you attempt to die your hair a different hair color, there is no question that you should try to seek out help from someone who is either an expert or someone who has done this process before. This is not an easy process, dying your hair color a different color, and it can go wrong at multiple turns and stops. Unless you want to cut your hair completely off, basically shaving your head, you need to make sure you really take this process seriously. This is definitely not something to mess around with and run the possible risk of having an ugly looking set of hair color on your hair because there is no way to really hide it. Also, visiting a salon may be something that you end up enjoying. There are many women that schedule a certain amount of time each week to go and visit a salon and they end up staying there and having fun. Some women treat these nail salons and hair salons as almost a hangout spot. They go and schedule appointments with their friends or with other women that frequent the salon and sometimes they go there and stay past the amount of time it takes to finish their appointment.

Now that you know the best way to get a good looking hair color for your hair dying process is to go to a salon, it will become more a fun experience than you can even imagine. In the year 1950, only about 7% of all women in the United States died their hair a different color. Now, there are more and more women changing their hair color. As a matter of fact, in the year 2015 the number of women changing their hair color has gone up 75%. The most common hair color in the world is black, the rarest hair color is red, and blonde hair is the second rarest. Most salons have expanding beyond haircuts, hair colors, and nail work, and even feature new items on the menu. For instance some of these salons now allow messages, manicures, and pedicures. Allow yourself to relax and allow your salon experience to expand beyond the realms of just haircare.

How to Decide Your Next Hair Color

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