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Are you hoping to redo your interior decorations for your home? With so many different options, it can be difficult to decide how to redesign your home. If you?re designing your home for the first time, the options are endless for what themes to go with and what products to use. Whether you?re interested in modern luxury furniture, contemporary furniture, or unique furniture pieces, there?s a style out there that will match exactly what you?re looking for in your home decor pieces. You simply have to do some research prior to starting your decorating project.

Interested in learning more about the interior design industry and how it has changed over the years? Keep reading for more information about all the different things to consider when decorating your home.

How the Interior Design and Home Decor Industries Have Changed Over the Years

The interior design and home decor industries are always evolving. New trends develop that push old trends out of style. The industry has to keep up with what the customers want in order to stay relevant. One season Italian hand blown glass vases may be popular and the next season consumers may want more unusual home accessories.

On top of the ever-changing trends and styles, the industries have to keep in consideration who their main consumer base is. This is also something that changes over time meaning the industries have to constantly be ready, willing, and able to adapt. For example, in 2012, when it came to buying things for the home like furniture and bedding, the Boomers made up around 42% of purchases. Just two years later, that same group of people only made up around 29% of buyers.

When it comes to millennials, the opposite trend occurred. While in 2012 they only made up around 14% of buyers for these industries, by 2014 they made up closer to 37%. That makes millennials the largest segment of buyers for these industries whether they?re interested in purchasing Italian hand blown glass vases or signature dinnerware.

All-in-all, stores that sell home furnishings and furnitures still do very well. In 2013, those stores saw around $101 billion in revenue throughout the United States.

What to Consider When Decorating Your Home

When you start your next home decoration project
, there are a variety of things to consider. First, you want to pick a style for your house or for specific rooms in your house. Try to stick with that theme or style so that you do not have clashing home decor items or furniture in one space. You need a style or theme before you begin this process or else you may end up purchasing different pieces of furniture and home decor accessories that don’t end up matching in the end. If you want a European feel to your entire home or to a certain room, think about all the different pieces that need to stick to that theme. You?ll need to find European style furniture and European style home accessories like Italian hand blown glass vases or high end Italian furniture.

You also need to keep in mind the look and feel of your home. Whatever style or theme you pick will give off a feeling or vibe to you and your guests in your home. Do you want people to feel calm and relaxed in your home? Do you want them to feel comfortable? Do you want them to feel like they are surrounded by high end pieces or like they are in a European city? All these questions are a good starting point for picking an overall theme. Statistics show that if you are going for a calming and comfortable vibe in your home, you should first look at high end furniture pieces and furnishing that make you feel those things.

Do you know what style or theme you want your house or certain rooms in your home to be? Will you go the European route and decorate your house with Italian hand blown glass vases or Italian style furniture? Let us know in the comments about your experience deciding what theme or style to base your decorations off.

How to Begin Your Next Home Decor Project

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