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Theme parties are one of the many thrills of childhood. There is nothing quite like looking ahead on the calendar and seeing a party coming up. If your family gets in the spirit of various holidays and enjoys hosting events for your child and their friends, you are likely always looking for new ways to add some fun. Custom temporary tattoos might be the key ingredient. Ordering temporary tattoos may add a little extra life to the following party themes.

  • New Year’s Eve: Even if it’s just because they get to stay up until midnight, New Year’s Eve is an exciting day for children. The sparklers, glitter,
    and hats can be enchanting. Add some themed glitter tattoos and your little guests will be thrilled.
  • Halloween: This day was essentially crafted for children. After all, what is better than dressing up and collecting candy. Whether they are dressing as a fairy princess or a monster, a temporary tattoo might just put the finishing touch on their costume.
  • Valentine’s Day: For children, Valentine’s Day is a pure celebration of friendship. So, while you are making valentine cards with your child, consider tucking a temporary tattoo into each one. Your child’s friends will be happy to find a little sparkly detail.
  • Independence Day: The Fourth Of July is full of fireworks and sparklers anyway, so why not add a little extra glitter to the celebration. Your child and their friends can decorate their skin with flags and fireworks, making everyone at the party feel more patriotic.
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Even if you aren’t Irish, your child and their friends will have a blast searching for leprechauns and hidden gold. To get themselves in the spirit, they can apply the treasure right on their skin with gold and green tattoos. Then they can become the leprechauns.

Custom temporary tattoos are one of the best ways to add a little extra joy to any gathering. Children like to celebrate visually, so they will be overjoyed to wear these glittery details on their skin. And you never know, the adults may want to join in on the tattoo fun as well. To learn more, read this. Research more here.

How Temporary Tattoos Can Zest Up Your Child’s Party

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