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Stopping by the back left corner of the grocery store has become a new routine for everyone in your family. just before you enter the refrigerated section that contains the dairy and the eggs are 12 stacked cardboard boxes overflowing with various kinds school spirit tshirts. No rhyme nor reason to what is there. No way to anticipate the sizes that will be available. There is, however, one constant: the price. All of the school spirit tshirts are $2. Long sleeve XL mens tshirt: $2. Small child size short sleeve tshirt: $2. Any size, and style: $2.
The crazy thing is, though, you have never been to the store when there has not been two, three, sometime four people already looking at the tshirts. Digging through the completely unorganized assortment of school spirit tshirts, the grocery shoppers, like your family, all seem more than happy to be picking through these shirts of every color. The reality is that all of the shirts are merely samples and mistakes from printing shops around the country. During the two weeks when the College World Series fans are in Omaha, Nebraska, though the shirts are a hit!
Fundraising Clothing Is the Newest Option for Many Nonprofits and School Groups
The tshirt printing and selling industries are big business. The fact that schools and colleges sell tshirts as fundraisers contributes to the industry, and the fact that many corporations provide custom company apparel to their workers does as well. From elementary school field days in the spring to spirit tshirts for high school teams going to state competitions, the school spirit wear industry helps many clubs raise funds if they want, or simply provide easy to identify clothing for large outings.
A simple trip to your closet or dresser can probably reinforce to you how popular tshirts are in today’s culture, but consider these facts as well:

  • 73% of school fundraising sales are made by elementary school students, parents, and volunteers. Many of the items that they sell are various kinds of school spirit gear.
  • $1.4 billion worth of field trips, computer labs, athletic team uniforms, playground equipment, and other youth products, services, and programs are made possible each year through product fundraising programs.
  • 98% of principals believe it is important to personally build school spirit at their school, and that higher levels of school spirit can be tied to higher student achievement.
  • 62% of Americans indicate that they own more than ten t-shirts in their wardrobe. That?s nearly 1.5 billion shirts nationwide.
  • Even an average product fundraiser for schools and non-profits can generate more than $3,100 an event.

How Many Tshirts Do You Have in your Closet?

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