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Who of us doesn’t have some clothes packed away, or stuffed in a drawer, that we are not wearing, or can’t wear? It happens to the best of us.

Studies have shown that an excess of stuff leads to added stress. It is really no wonder that many are making the change toward living a minimalist lifestyle.

What Is Minimalism?

Some may feel minimalism is a passing trend. But the idea behind it is more than just a fad. True minimalism is finding what is truly important to you and focusing your attention on that.

Rather then spending time, money, and energy on unimportant pursuits, or on the accumulation of unnecessary things, why not give yourself to the things that bring you a feeling of fulfillment?

Benefits of Minimalism

Think of it this way, the more stuff you have the more time you have to spend looking for what you need. The more time you spend organizing your things. The more money you spend on things to put your things in.

An excess of stuff is also detrimental to the environment. Research has found that 12 million tons of clothing is thrown into landfills each year, that is in the United States alone.

It is estimated that on average everyone generates about 4.5 pounds of trash each day. That adds up to about 1.5 tons of solid waste every year. A minimalist way of life can help to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

How To Get Started

Instead of accumulating more and more things, instead of throwing unwanted items into the trash, why not consider sharing our excess with others in need, such as military families?

What better way to start yourself on the path to minimalism than donating clothing to charity? There are always military families in need and your clothing donations can be a big assistance.

How will your clothes donation benefit military families? Approximately 80% of the clothes that are donated in the United States will go on to be used by charitable organizations for donation to those in need, as well as for funding.

If like many of us you have a busy schedule there are many charities that pick up donations.

Is Minimalism For You?

There are many benefits to minimalism. It means less stress and more freedom for you. It means protecting the earth from unnecessary waste and further damage. And it means helping others that are in need.

Do you feel you are not ready to make a huge change in your lifestyle? That is okay, take it one step at a time. Why not start today by pulling out those unworn clothes from the back of your closet and give them to a charitable group that helps military families in need? What better place is there to begin? To see more, read this.

How A Minimalist Lifestyle Can Help Military Families In Need

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