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Staying safe on the job is vital. There are many jobs that have multiple risks and potential dangers associated with them, especially if the operators on the job are not experienced, well trained, or paying attention. To combat those potential dangers, these high risk jobs often come equipped with a variety of tools that help to make the job safer. From high visibility rain jackets to steel toed footwear, there are ways to set yourself up for success and a safer time on the job.

Becoming familiar with the job

One of the most valuable tools a person can have on any job is experience. Just about everyone can say that they know what it is like to be frustrated at the process of learning a new job. You would rather have all of the know how already, rather than the process taking so long. You would rather be self sufficient than have to continue to stop and keep asking questions. But asking those questions and taking that time will be the factors that allow you to truly get to know your position and the tasks at hand. Being thorough and patient with your training will give you better chances of staying safe on a dangerous job.

Stack the odds in your favor
Research has shown that over the course of just one year, there were a total of 4,836 deaths that occurred while on the job. This adds up to 13 deaths every single day. Chances are, those deaths could have been prevented by following proper safety procedures, taking the time to learn more about the duties, work environment, and hazards, and maybe some high visibility clothing.

Combining patient learning about the job with items such as high visibility rain jackets for safety is a surefire way to increase the likelihood of maintaining your injury free streak on the job. Nearly 33% of work injuries in one year that were not fatal but required absence from the job for recovery were those employees who had not yet been on the job for one year. And one report showed that a new hire still in their first month on the job has at least three times the risk for sustaining an injury that will cause them to miss work. Experience, asking questions, and being thorough are all extremely helpful.

Your wide variety of safety clothing options

Depending on the job, you may need clothing that helps to keep you at a more reasonable temperature, such as heavy layers if you are working outdoors in the winter. You could end up needing durable footwear for long days on your feet, working around heavy equipment. You could use heavy duty rain gear for construction jobs that take you through all the types of weather you can think of. High visibility clothing is among the most important, as you will always want to be seen by passing drivers, fellow workers, and heavy equipment operators. Articles of clothing such as high visibility rain jackets could make all the difference between life and death or a serious injury on a day that the sky decides to downpour.

High risk jobs can also deliver heavy rewards. You just have to be willing to learn it inside out, and take precautions to protect yourself from the dangers.

High Visibility Rain Jackets to Stay Safe on the Job

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