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Pajama parties are a great time for everyone, no matter what age. Pajama parties are all about staying up late, watching movies, eating popcorn, and playing fun party games. When planning all the details of your pajama party, there are plenty of things to keep mind. Here are a few things that you can do to turn your pajama party into the best sleepover ever!

Choose Your Guests

Unlike a regular party, where guests go home at the end of the night, a pajama party usually ends up in a sleepover. When planning a pajama party, you must take how many guests can comfortably sleep in your living space. If you invite too many people, things are going to get crowded really fast. Most hosts only invite seven or eight guests, so make sure you choose who to invite wisely.

Come Up With a Menu

If people are going to be staying at your house for an extended amount of time, they’re going to get hungry. As a host, you’ll most likely be responsible for feeding them. Come up with a few options for dinner or breakfast, and make sure you consider everyone’s dietary constraints. Nothing ruins a party quicker than an allergic reaction.

Give Yourself Options

Chances are not everyone will agree what they want to do at your party. Don’t trap yourself by picking only one or two options for pajama party activities! Pick out a few movies to rent or stream, grab some board games, or create your own crafts or activities. If it’s a part for adults, try looking up fun drinking games you can play with your friends.

Don’t Forget the Pajamas!

It can’t be a pajama party without the pajamas! Encourage your guests to bring their best pajamas to your event. There are all types of pajamas to choose from but, of course, the best kinds of pajamas are the ones with feet. No longer are footed pajamas for babies, but now adults can wear onesie pajamas too! Get a pair of one peice pajamas for the whole family, or bring your to an adult party for a good laugh. Next thing you know, everyone will want a pair of one peice pajamas!
Once you’ve got your perfect party planned, you can slip on your pajama onesies, cozy up, and enjoy the best pajama party the world has ever seen!
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Have a Great Night In With These Pajama Party Tips

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