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Are you looking for a way to start the New Year off fresh? How about with a brand new hairstyle? There is still time to get to the local salon to update your hairstyle look. Women have so many options when it comes to possible hairstyles. You can gather inspiration from any of the places.

Hairstyle and fashion magazines

Magazines are a great place to decide what you like and don?t like, especially when it comes to hairstyles. If you are considering short hairstyles for women, specifically pay attention to which cuts you like the best. Do you want something that is short and straight? Would you prefer short hairstyles that are pixie cut designed? Women for ages have been pulling hairstyle inspiration out of hairstyle and fashion magazines. With the internet today, you can even pull up these magazine images with the click of a button.

Browse the internet

The internet is the new form of magazine inspiration. With billions of images loaded to the internet, you can look up pretty much any nice fancy hairstyle. Simply do a quick search of hairstyles for women and then narrow it down by style. For example, if you only want to see short hairstyles, specify this in the search engine. Women have an average of 104 different hairstyles during their lifetime. Because most take pictures when they get a new hairstyle, you literally have access to billions of inspirational images.

Ask a trusted friend or family member

If you have a trusted friend or family member, you can always ask their advice for some awesome women?s hairstyles. Just make sure you can trust them to be honest. You want someone that will tell you if they don?t think you can pull off short hairstyles. Because about 38% of surveyed women say they changed their hairstyle to feel more confident, you want to choose something that makes you feel good about yourself. Even if you turn to friends and family for ideas, make sure your final decision is something that you want.

Let your hairstylist practice her skill

Even with many sources of inspiration, some women find it difficult to choose a final hairstyle. If you are brave, leave the decision to your hairstylist. They are the professional, after all. Just make sure you are clear with them about styles you do not want. You don?t want to end up with a pixie style that you hate. Your hairstylist is likely to be the best information source as they can choose the best hairstyle for your face shape and hair texture. They might also add some color or darken up the color for an even bigger change.

Try on wigs

While this option might not be easily accessible, it is a great way to see how you would look with different hairstyles. Try on a variety of wigs to see how they look with your face shape. This temporary way of experimenting can prevent you from trying a new hairstyle that you end up hating. Although hair does grow back and it can always be recolored, both of these corrections can take time. Locate any wig shops in your location and spend the day seeing how they look.

Women change their hairstyle for many reasons. A recent study of 3,000 women revealed that 44% changed their hairstyle or color simply because they were bored, while 61% admit they just wanted a change. While dark brown is the most common choice, with 56% of women choosing it, there are many other ways to get a new hairstyle. Draw inspiration from the internet, magazines, and entrust your favorite hairstylist to give you a new exciting style for the New Year.

Hairstyle Inspiration Sources for the New Year

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