Most men carry their cash and various plastic cards such as credit cards and gift cards in their wallets, which can be slipped into a pocket with ease. Many women also use wallets as convenient items to carry cash within their purse so that important money and credit cards are not lost, and for any customer, getting the right kind of wallet can be both convenient and stylish, and for some, an ultra slim is all that they need. A carbon fiber wallet or an add-on money clip may be desired instead, or even a wallet that holds coins comfortably or a titanium wallet money clip. Anyone who carries cash and cards will want to keep them organized and help prevent theft, so an ultra slim wallet or other designs may be desired. What kinds of wallets are out there, and how often to Americans carry cash?

Consumers and Carried Items

Knowing how well different types of wallets sell, like an ultra slim wallet model, may depend on buyers in general. Many new fashion consumers are in the market for wallets of all kinds, among other accessories, and most new fashion consumers are between the ages of 16-24, and those aged 25-34. In fact, the number of fashion consumers is expected to rise to just over 1.2 billion by 2020, and this means a lot of revenue for textiles and accessory makers. The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report, for example, shows that around the world, revenue for this industry may grow over the next four years, from $481.2 billion in 2018 to around $712.9 billion by the year 2022. The United States, in particular, is the world’s second-largest market for e-commerce, or online buying, and this often includes clothing and accessories like wallets, purses, and sunglasses. The American market is worth $340 billion for e-commerce, and the biggest is China, weighing in at $672 billion. Among all this, what kinds of wallets might consumers want to get, and why?

Models of Wallets

Some consumers may want an ultra slim wallet, while others might want a money clip. According to Tools of Men, several general types can be expected by customers when it comes to finding a wallet. An ultra slim wallet, for example, has a flat body and a clip that allows them to hold various cards or a few paper bills, and this makes for a narrow profile that is convenient for some, especially if they do not plan on carrying a lot of cash around. Meanwhile, the bifold design stands as the most popular and classic design, opening up like a folder to show both halves where cards can be stored, and the largest pocket can be used for paper bills. Such wallets are often made from false or real leather, and the same is true for the similar model of trifold wallets, which can store even more cards and cash than a bifold, but this can result in a very thick wallet that may be a bother to sit on. For this reason, trifold wallets should be cleared of excess items every so often.

Another type of ultra slim wallet is the hybrid slim wallet, which have the same low profile as an ultra slim wallet and also feature a poly-carbonate body and is secured with a silicon band, making them very compact. As with other ultra slim wallets, though, they may not be ideal for carrying large amounts of paper tender. Another sort of hybrid model is the money clip with pockets, which combines the slim profile of a money clip with the pocket needed for cash storage, and these wallets can store cards and cash separately, allowing a user to easily keep their cash and cards distinct for when they want to make quick payments. These wallets have the cash advantage of bifold wallets and may be made of similar materials, but they are still thinner than bifold wallets, a feature that some buyers may find attractive.

Finally, checkbook wallets are taller and longer than regular wallets, and they can hold not only cash and cards with ease but they can also carry checks and check books, which in fact was their original intent. That, and they can carry larger bills of foreign currency such as Euros.

Getting the Right Type of Wallet

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