Different seasons call for whole sets of fashion based on temperature, sunlight, and more. Summer is the time for shorts, shirts, swimwear, sunglasses, and wide brim hats, while autumn and winter are the right season for thicker, more protective clothing, from head to toe. In fact, hat fashion is a bigger area of interest than some may realize, and having the right head gear can be pretty important for a time like winter, since a lot of a person’s body heat is lost through the top of head head. Kids and adults alike can invest in new clothes for autumn and winter’s chilly weather, anything from knit hats of all colors to crochet beanies to a pony cap or a slouchy beanie. One should note that beanies are knit head wear, like knit hats, while caps are traditional baseball cap style hats. Ponytail caps are good for anyone who has a ponytail of hair, and girls fashion can expand to colorful coats to keep warm, scarves, mittens or gloves, and much more, and these items of apparel will often have appealing colors or graphic designs on them to make someone stand out. Boys fashion is similar with typically darker colors like navy, dark gray, or black, and these items might have designs on them too, such as sports teams logos or designs from current pop culture like movies. Younger children such as toddlers may be given the right winter gear by their parents, and their smaller bodies definitely need protection from the cold. From knit hats to waterproof boots, there is plenty for kids and their parents to choose from for this year’s cold weather.

Buying Clothes

Adults and parents, particularly women (though that’s not a hard and fast rule) spent plenty on clothes for themselves and their kids, and for parents, this often means buying new, trendy outfits for their kids when the seasons change and for the new school year. The new school year is a busy time when parents buy all kinds of academic supplies for their kids, from backpacks to notebooks to art supplies all the way to clothing for fashion and weather alike. In fact, in the United States, it is estimated that 55% of the back to school budget is spent on clothes alone, especially since the year’s colder weather is coming soon. And overall, the back to school season is the second biggest shopping season of the entire year for retail. It has also been found that parents buying clothes for their kids, from knit hats to jackets, do more of their shopping online than non-parent adults. In particular, parents will spend 40% of their budget online, while 34% of non-parents do. Parents will spend 7 hours online shopping every week compared to 4 hours for non-parents, which is 75% more time spent.

Shopping Strategies

A lot of money may be spent on clothes for kids during the back to school season, so parents are advised to navigate the busy stores with the right ideas in mind, according to Life and Budget. For one thing, parents should first take inventory of what wearable clothes the kids still have (to avoid buying redundant items), then create a checklist of whatever new clothes will be needed, such as gym clothes, scarves, or knit hats. Also, parents can save a lot of money buy shopping at high quality thrift stores (an Internet search can show which are nearby), especially since designer clothes won’t fit growing children for long. What is more, parents can take advantage of the clearance sales for summer clothes that most retailers will have, and plan ahead by buying clothes one or two sizes bigger for the kids to wear next spring and summer. And if the child’s birthday roughly coincides with the back to school buying season, parents can arrange for relatives to give trendy new clothes as birthday gifts. And in the case of online shopping, customers should know that most retailers will offer free shipping, even if the order’s total value is relatively modest, so if a store does not offer this, the customer may simply shop elsewhere to save on shipping.

Getting the Right Clothes for the Cold

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