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Are you shopping for wood watches for men? This holiday season, getting the special man in your life the best wood watches for men is a gift that keeps giving. Every time he looks at his wrist, he’ll be reminded of the special someone who loves him enough to research wood watches for men and find the right fit for him. If he’s late everywhere he goes and you’re tired of waiting for him, shopping for wood watches for men is a great way to gently help him gain better punctuality habits. Not to mention, wooden wrist watches can be engraved and make cherished heirlooms that will be honored for generations.

However, if you’re shopping for natural wood watches, you need to know what you’re looking at. You don’t want to spend the money on an all wood watch, only to have it fall apart right away. If you’re shopping for wooden wrist watches, we’ve put together a quick guide for what to look for:

  1. Style

    Even though a wood watch comes from a tree, it should look like it just came off the tree. A beautiful wood watch is a work of art. A sign of cheap workmanship is if the wooden watches you’re looking at are clunky and cumbersome.

    If the wooden watch dealer you are working with only offers gaudy wood watches that make you think of a child’s toy, you aren’t working with the right vendor. A vendor who really appreciates a good wood watch will understand the subtle classiness that a beautiful wood watch offers, and will contribute style to any overall ensemble, not overpower it.

  2. Diversity
    Wooden watches are a classic gift, but offer a diverse set of styles — both modern and contemporary, as well as traditional looking — to choose from. Cheap wood watch vendors offer whatever handful of styles they were able to import from an overseas factory that spits them out without any love or care. A good-quality wood watch provider lives and breaths wood watches. You’ll easily find more than 50 different styles to choose from in a a wood watch shop that means business. Because wood watches are not a “one size fits all” kind of product. The right wood watch for your loved one depends on the style and needs of the individual. You should be able to peruse the vast options and find the best fit, not just take the one product available and try to make it work.

  3. Finish
    Wood is a porous material and must be sealed with a finish to prevent it from absorbing moisture and becoming worn out and funky looking quickly. All of the tiny pieces of a watch band need to have been individually finished to ensure that the entire piece is properly sealed. If the wood watch you’re looking at looks dull or rough at any part, you should put it down and go somewhere else for your wood watch needs. This is a sign that the watch was hastily put together and will not stand the test of time (yes, we intended to create that pun).
  4. Movement

    A mens wooden watch is not worth the wood it’s made of if it doesn’t function properly. Although it isn’t a wooden component, you want to make sure the movement of the watch is made with quality and reliability. A good watch (wood or not) is usually made with quartz; a good watch maker will know the material and company who makes the movement components. If you ask who provides the watch movement and the salesman doesn’t know the answer, you should steer clear. The right watch provider will take as much pride in the functionality of their wood watches as the craftsmanship of the wooden parts.

  5. Care and maintenance
    All watches, no matter what they’re made of, need maintenance to keep their quality. Wood watches are no exception. In fact, wooden watches require more regular care to ensure the quality of the wood is not compromised over time. The wood watch provider should be knowledgeable and eager to share with you how to keep your watch looking and working beautifully. Extra brownie points if the watch provider includes ongoing watch maintenance in with the purchase of their product.

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Four Things to Look for While Shopping for Wooden Watches

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