The way girls dress has been changing dramatically since the beginning of time and will continue to change as life goes on. Trends change and certain styles become a thing of the past. What are some of the styles you have seen take a tumble and come back again? Is there truly a fashion statement that has never gone out of style? 60% of women find it challenging to find a cute look everyday.

Tights, leggings and leg warmers were not cool for a very long time and suddenly they are back with a vengeance. Everywhere you look girls are wearing leggins and rocking them like they were always a hit. Neon colors went out of style for a while as well, they were huge in the 80’s and are now making a comeback to the fashion scene. Large hoop earrings have gone in and out of the cool scene and somehow kept rocking varying from size but they never actually fell out of the fashion world. It is neat to see the changes in the fashion industry and follow trends as they dip and dive from popularity.

Hats have been changing for centuries and continue to grow and morph from what they used to be. Visors for girls are still a great choice for the sporty type, outdoorsy types, as well as those that attend a lot of events. Visors for girls can be team colors, custom made, or just unique to the wearer. A visor for girls is great for working in the garden as well as any other outdoor activity they are versatile and keep girls hair out of their faces and protect them from harmful sunshine rays. Other great choices are knitted beanies for winter which have always been a popular choice. Girls baseball caps will never go out of style, they have and will be the main hat of choice until the end of time. Visors for girls create a unique look creating the perfect caps for ponytails. A very useful tidbit for those with long hair.

Jeans have changed quite substantially over the years. Before it was how big your bell bottoms were made you the coolest and now it seems the tighter and skinnier you get the better the jeans are. Girls have struggled to do up their jeans for years and now the new solution is jean type leggings or jeggings they are called. Jeans will always hold a spot in the fashion world whether tight or loose fitting they will forever be seen in the world.

Fashion statements that survived the test of time

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