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Each year, Americans dump 10.5 million tons of clothing are tossed into landfills. Of the 2 million tons of clothing that is recycled by Americans every year, less than 50% of it is ever worn again. Rather than tossing out your clothing, there is an extreme amount of benefit to be had from donating it to those in need. For those that are lesser off — the homeless, unemployed, impoverished, and those that are severely in debt — receiving this clothing, one of the basic necessities in life, is an amazing thing.

There are many, many veterans who are part of the numbers listed above. It is estimated that roughly 207,000 veterans were unable to find work in just March of 2013; the unemployment rate for American veterans is 2% above the national average; in 2012, the unemployment rate for U.S. veterans between the age of 18-24 was 20.4%. The ability to help these people, those that are in need, is a valuable and entirely selfless thing. If you are considering providing donations to a charity or asking “where can I donate clothes?” it is worth your time to consider organizations that help military families.

One such organization, one that implements and accepts donations for two very wonderful organizations, is that of GreenDrop. Two of the primary organizations they provide and accept donations for are The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MPH) and The National Federation of the Blind (NFB). While the MOPH is one of the primary organizations that help military families under GreenDrop, the NFB is similarly under that banner, as they can provide resources to those that have been blinded as a result of their military service.

Donations to the MOPH veterans charities is an excellent service for the commitment to this country that Purple Heart receivers gave to the U.S. The Purple Heart, which is a U.S. military decoration given by the President, is awarded to those that have been either wounded or killed while completing service in the military. Since its first appearance on April 5, 1917, it is said that approximately 1.7 million soldiers have received the Purple Heart for their U.S. military service. The MOPH was set-up in 1958, by congress, as an organization to represent and protect the men and women who had been awarded the Purple Heart. This is one of the many organizations that help military families, in that it promotes well-being and goodwill for wounded veterans, families hurt by loved ones who died and received Purple Heart, promoting legislative affairs, all the while protecting both wounded veterans and their families.

The NFP, which is an organization that seeks to protect, offer services to, and humanize those affected by blindness, is another one of the organizations that help military families, particularly through providing aid for blind veterans. By offering assistance, resources, and guidance for those blinded during service, or who are now losing their sight, the NFP ensures that blinded veterans receive future help, security, and support. By connecting through various state resources (transportation, hospitals, etc.), management systems, and career development services, they work towards providing comfort towards those harmed during their military service.

Under GreenDrop’s services, these two organizations that help military families are provided charitable donations. If you are wondering how you might be able to donate clothes or where donation pick up services are located, two options are offered: Home pickup services and drop off locations. Dependent upon your preference, you can contact your local provider and they can either come to your home and pick up the clothing and household items you would like to offer to the MOPH NFB, or, if you’d like, there are drop off locations available (of which you can search for the nearest location by you).

If you’re interested in organizations that help military families, it is worth your while to look into donating to the MOPH and NFB. Similarly, if you know someone who needs help with blindness, veteran or not, please go to Your donations are greatly appreciated, helping those in need.

Donating Clothes to Military Families

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