Every year it is asked what military support can be provided by civilians at home in the United States. What most people do not realize is that doing their part is something that can be looked at with just as much admiration as those who fight to defend our flag. One of these military support operations that anyone can partake in is that of making charitable donations. Taking care of those in the US who have a hard time supporting themselves is a commendable effort that goes a long way in making every American feel safe, protected, and able to live out their life in the land that our troops are fighting to preserve and protect.

$5.8 billion dollars in charitable donations are made yearly and yet, shockingly, there is still not enough coming in to take care of those who go without the necessary food, shelter, and clothing every day. In a country that has so many clothing donation locations, getting rid of those old tee shirts and shoes from inside your closer should be a no brainer, but unfortunately so many people don’t realize this and instead simply just throw their unwanted articles in the trash.

As a way to provide military support in this regard, one initial and helpful step you can take is to set all of your clothing hangers backwards when you stock your closet. At the end of a month or two, any clothing that still sits unused on a backwards hanger can probably be donated to a local charity and repurposed for someone who could use the clothing, as it is unlikely that you have any use or interest in it yourself.

How exactly does this help families in need?

Providing needy families with donations of clothing means that you are making it easier for another person to get up in the morning to spend time with their family, find a job, providing for a better life, and live happily and integrate themselves further into American society. Military families are often among those in desperate need of these donations, so it is important to realize that when you are helping our needy, you are also providing support to the families of our troops and helping to repay them for putting their lives on the line and protecting you each and every day.

Contributions To The Red White And Blue

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