Western wear is incredibly popular amongst American citizens thanks to the history of this country as well as the popularity of Westerns and cowboys. Now, people want to get themselves Rodeo Western wear, Rodeo Western boots, and equipment for the rodeo. Here are some of the facts on Barstow rodeo equipment!

Data from Statista has revealed that over 2.2 million households across the country contained some people that attended professional rodeo events in the year of 2018. There are plenty of people in the south that look forward to rodeos and Barstow rodeo equipment. As a result, it is easy to understand why this market is so strong.

During the two decades of the 1930s and the 1940s, cowboy boot designs went from practical to fashionable. This means that boots were made less for functionality but more for a good looking outfit. Bright colors and exotic materials were integrated into the classic cowboy boot design which has now changed modern Barstow rodeo equipment. Here are the other facts on these garbs!

Global Western Wear Has Plenty Of History

Calfskin leather is the traditional material for cowboy boots. However, in the 90’s there was a leather shortage that really hurt the material for these boots. Now, these cowboy boots can potentially be made of pigskin, horsehide, and exotic leathers. These leathers can come from alligators, armadillo, ostrich, kangaroo, and even pythons. Also, for people who are vegan, there are some plant-based leather as well!

The two basic styles of cowboy boots include western and roper. Western, also often referred to as classic, will be a taller kind of boot with an angled heel and toes that can be pointed, squared, or rounded. This all will depend on the customer and what they want. On the other hand, Roper boots will come with a shorter shaft and will have a lace-up basic sort of style as well.

The bottom of Western boots will contain two main box-like areas. This includes the heel box and the tow box which are designed to give the boot some character through the shaping. These types of intricate details are why Barstow rodeo equipment are so popular amongst Americans.

Global Western Wear Is Very Popular

As previously mentioned, there was a period of time in which the great Western world was glorified in Hollywood and in America. As a result, so many people look back fondly on this period of time’s values and fashion as well. therefore, there are many areas in the South where big-time professional rodes take place using the best Barstow rodeo equipment available.

It is important that anyone doing professional rodeo competitions make sure that they are properly cared for and covered in terms of protection. This is why having access to the best Barstow rodeo equipment is important for this type of competition. IF not, then someone could potentially get hurt and get in trouble due to the physical nature of dealing with a bull.

Recent data from Allied Market Research has revealed that in 2016, the market size for global western wear managed to go over $70,00 million. Also, their data suggests and projects that this number will grow to nearly $99,423 million by the year 2023. Therefore, there is more than enough data to show that this industry is a huge deal for many Americans across the country.

Closing Words On Barstow Rodeo Equipment

Every single year, there are people in the southern parts of the United States of America that gather together for professional rodeo competitions. There is a lot of popularity involved with this type of activity as well as a lot of history to boot. Therefore, it is unlikely that this is going to go away anytime soon.

Barstow Rodeo Equipment The Facts

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