Wedding tablecloths

The best party planners know the secret to a great event. They know to delegate the basics and to spend their time on the extra detailed touches that guests will remember the most.
Take a high school or college graduation party as an example. Like most get togethers whether they are formal or informal, it is often best to get tablecloth and chair cover rentals and spend your time creating centerpieces or table decorations.
Whether you are looking for wedding tablecloths or reception linens for an event, rental companies can provide a variety of options. In addition to providing the linens and many other things you might need, a rental company will clean the linens after the event, and most policies will protect you against normal stains to the linens, included spilled foods, drinks or candle wax.
Tablecloth and chair cover rentals are not only a good decision for most parties, they are one task that can be taken care of early in the planning process. When renting table linens, you only need to know an approximate guest count as well as the measurements for tables at the reception hall.
Once you have the tablecloth and chair cover rentals taken care of you can move on to planning the personal touches you want for your event. Many party planners and hosts start with decorations. Table tops are a fun way to experiment with design elements and to establish a theme. Bright florals, centerpieces, glassware and even personal or symbolic trinkets can all play a part in designing the perfect reception and guest tables. Even if you rent chair covers for weddings you can still personalize the seating. NArrow pieces of fabric tied horizontally on a chair back can help you carry your party theme and party color throughout the room in an inexpensive way.
Perhaps the most fun of decorating for a graduation, wedding, or other event is selecting the color and fabric patterns you will use to decorate. Linens such as chevron, zigzag, or checkered are great for spring and summer events and look great with a rustic-chic theme. Deep rich colors in a heavier fabric like satin or crushed velvet can make a fall or winter event seem more formal.
Renting linens for a wedding reception or other event is a great way to start planning. Available in a variety of colors, rented linens can give every party or reception a clean and uniform look and serve as a palette for the other personalized decorations that you choose.

Are You Renting Linens and Chair Covers for Your Next Event?

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