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The last week of summer and your daughter is spending today upstairs going through her closet. She is sorting and folding clothes, making choices and decisions. Decisions about what clothes she will be wearing the first weeks of school, and the clothes that she is not going to wear ever again. The pile for the clothing donation centers is growing and you are looking at the options of where you will take these donations. The headline that is describing what is a Purple Heart in the military lead you to a local charity that accepts donations for both adults and children in need of clothing.
The last days of summer are not always full of days at the pool and weekends shopping for school clothes. The reality is that if you want to make sure you get off to the best start this school year it is important to clean out your closets, plan your wardrobes and make sure that you have as many things in place before the hectic schedule of classes and test, practices and performances. The more planning and organizing you do before the school year begins, in fact, the more likely it will be that the year will get off to a good start.
And while many families are blessed with closets so full of clothing that they need to sort through them, others find themselves stressed trying to figure out what they have that their children can possibly wear those first days and weeks of school. Some of the families who are struggling the most, unfortunately, are the very families that have parents who have made sacrifices for our country through their military service. It is likely that when you see the headlines in the paper about what is a Purple Heart in the military you never imagine that some of those brave men and women Purple Heart recipients can find reentering into civilian life a struggle. The estimated $5.8 billion in clothes donations in the year 2017, however, made a difference to various charity foundations in the U.S. Your donations today can do the same. By providing support for military families, in fact, you can help those who have been serving us all along.
The latest estimates indicate that 80% of donated clothing in America is used by charitable organizations for donation to the needy, and for funding. Are you ready to do your part?

Are You Cleaning Closets Before the New School Year Starts?

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