There’s something especially compelling about flowers as a present.

The beautiful colors, lovely scent and hidden symbolism all add up to a gift that isn’t easily overlooked. This isn’t just true in the West, either. Flowers have held up as one of the most recreated and studied elements of nature, manifesting in hundreds of different cultures and far too many art movements to count. Whether you want to create an autumn inspired wedding bouquet for a close friend or are looking into flower delivery to cheer up a loved one, flowers are our way of communicating with others…and doing a little more.

Choosing a florist is as simple as figuring out what your present is for and what kind of message you want to send.

History Of Floral Arrangements

The history of flower delivery is a long one. People have been creating pleasing, thoughtful and romantic floral arrangements for hundreds of years. Entire art movements have been born out of a love for flowers, with others showing a common propensity for using roses, carnations and daisies as visual shorthands for deeper meaning. Baroque art, classical art, romantic art…the list goes on and on. The United States today sees its florist industry generating an impressive $7 billion annually. Between 2009 and 2014 it grew by nearly 1%, as well, and the country boasts over 36,000 florist businesses.

Interesting Flower Facts

It can be easy to believe you’ve seen it all. When it comes to flowers the one thing you should always remember is to look beneath the surface. Back in 17th century Holland tulip bulbs were actually considered more valuable than gold. That’s because the flower symbolized many ‘priceless’ concepts such as immortality and love. The 1600’s saw a frenzy for tulips occurring throughout Western Europe, dubbed by historians as ‘tulip mania’ and making this flower so expensive it actually became a form of currency. This is all the more interesting when you take into account the tulips’ short lifespan of just three to seven days.

Romantic Symbolism

Flowers are a popular choice to show a significant other how much they mean to you. Choosing flower delivery is a great place to start. A study was conducted recently on the attitudes many Americans have toward flowers as a romantic gift, with nearly 90% of women stating receiving flowers makes them feel special. Another 90% of women say they actively remember the last time they received flowers and what kind. Red carnations today symbolize deep love, while white carnations represent a more pure love. The flipside of this would be yellow carnations, commonly associated with dejection.

Social Symbolism

Sometimes you have another message to send when investing in flower delivery. The red rose is among the most iconic flowers around the world, meaning many things depending on the context and the arrangement. A red rose held in one hand is a symbol for socialism or democracy. A red rose bouquet is a very popular gift for confessions of love. Other flowers, however, have been used to portray similar meaning. Russia in the past, for example, used red tulips to declare romantic love. Flowers can be used to show support, portray a message or just cheer up a friend.

Calling For Florist Delivery

Choosing a florist means choosing a location that is invested in the message you’re trying to send. The United States sees nearly $2 billion spent on flowers for mothers on Mother’s Day alone, which doesn’t even scratch the surface for other common holidays for floral arrangements like Valentine’s Day and Easter. Rutgers University conducted studies on the nature of gift giving in the West, determining the symbolism we choose to say a lot about who we are as people. One study found over 85% of respondents stating receiving flowers makes them feel incredibly special.

Fall floral arrangements for a family reunion or spring bouquets to usher in the new year with a friend. There are a lot of messages you can send. Which one will you choose?

A Special Gift With Hidden Meaning The Power Of A Floral Arrangement For A Friend Or Family Member

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