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It is tough to find a more beneficial feeling than giving back to those in need. One group of people that benefit from donations are military families. Some are unaware of how to donate specifically to military families. In addition, it is common to wonder what items are allowed. Knowing how to properly give back to military families is important to know. Research shows that 95.4 percent of adults in the United States gave back to a charity. In this post, you will learn how and what to donate to military families.

What Items Can I Give Back?

Luckily, support for military families allows for many types of items to be donated. You might be surprised at the wide range of items that are acceptable. Here are some of the most popular categories for military family donation items.

  • Clothing: Donating clothes is probably the most common donation choice. Giving clothes is one of the most beneficial charitable donations for families in need. One study found that about 12 million tons of clothing in the United States that could be donated was thrown away.
  • Multimedia: It’s easy to build up a large multimedia collection. Certain homeowners will begin to find they have simply too many multimedia items. You’ll want to know that items including movies, books, and music are all acceptable for military family donations. It’s easy to find children’s items that they have long outgrown. Donating multimedia ensures these items go to those who will put them to good use.
  • Kitchen Items: Many of us have kitchens that are cluttered with too many items. Pots and pans are bulky items that come in large sets. You’ve likely got a cabinet that is filled with far too many pots and pans. It’s annoying to move one pan from a crowded cabinet. You’ve likely had to deal with pots and pans falling all over the place. Giving back smaller items including cups, plates, and silverware are popular donation choices.
  • These are not the only items that are allowed for donation. You’ll want to check your local GreenDrop to find exactly what is acceptable in your area. GreenDrop works to provide services relating to donations for military families across the nation.

    Benefits of Charitable Donations

    You know that giving back to charity feels great. Donations for military families help those who have helped to serve us. However, there are a few specific benefits about donations for military families that are worth knowing.

  • Removing Clutter: Helping families in need can help to keep your home clean. Living in a cluttered home can make anyone feel stressed out. Many of us look for a reason to clean our homes each year but never find it. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better reason for cleaning than providing donations to military families.
  • Giving Back to Those Who’ve Served Our Country: One popular military donation is service is the Military Order of the Purple Heart, named after the medal. The Purple Heart decoration is given to those who have been either killed or wounded in the line of duty.
  • Extremely Convenient: Charity pick up and donations are two options for giving back to military families. GreenDrop allows your items to be picked up from your home. The pickup option is convenient for those who are unable to leave their home. There are also many drop off locations around the nation that offer fast and easy drop offs.
  • In closing, there are many ways to donate to military families. Clothing is an item that will always be in need. You’ll be happy to know that many items are allowed to be donated to military families including kitchenware, video games, and books. Donating to military families is a great feeling. Use charitable donations as inspiration to clean out those areas in the home you have put off. Giving back helps out families of those who have served our country. You get to give back and reduce clutter in your home which makes anyone feel great. Donations for military families usually take place year round.

    A Guide for Donating to Military Families

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