There’s something about the ocean that captures our imaginations every time.

The fathomless depths of the deep sea, the beautiful sealife, even down to the colorful stones and shells you can find while roaming the beach. The ocean holds a special place in the hearts of many and it’s something you can appreciate all the more when you get creative with your next gift. Whether it’s for Christmas later this year or for an upcoming birthday, capture a slice of the ocean by looking into gifts made from sea glass. Homemade sea glass jewelry is designed by the deep blue herself, with a unique luster and fascinating history that makes it stand out immediately.

What types of sea glass anklets are there? How does sea glass form in the first place? Learn more about the mysteries of the ocean below.

The History Of Sea Glass

Sea glass, as you can likely imagine, has been around awhile. Historians have estimated sea glass to have existed since glass-making was first introduced, all the way back before 2,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. It can be found all across the world, with multiple countries having their own associations dedicated to the art. The North American Sea Glass Association became a formal organization back in 2007 and boasts 90 members today. Today sea glass makes for a charming and unique gift straight from Mother Nature.

Shapes, Sizes And Colors Of Sea Glass

Just like a brilliant coral reef, an authentic sea glass charm can come in many colors. Subtle hues of green, blue and aqua are found most often, ranging from every 50 to 100 pieces of sea glass, and are considered to be iconic colors. These are the most favorite for wedding jewelry, though they’re also chosen for baby showers and well-wishing gifts. Orange, on the other hand, is the least common type of sea glass and is found once in every 10,000 pieces or so. The most common shape for sea glass is the triangle, with the oval being the rarest.

Popular Sea Glass Charm Designs

Genuine sea glass jewelry takes on many different forms. Choosing the right one can give a friend or family member a beloved accessory to wear throughout the years. The different types of sea glass anklets on display, for starters, can make for a great addition on a spring day. Sea glass earring designs are also a great touch-up for evening parties or nights out on the town. For those that just want a little decoration to spruce up their office desk, look into a sea glass charm or authentic sea glass ring to show off.

Fun Facts About Sea Glass

One of the many wonderful things about different types of sea glass anklets is that they’re as interesting as the final result. According to multiple historians the oldest known jewelry ever discovered were 10,000 year-old beads crafted from Nassarius shells. Sea glass also requires quite a few different elements to reach completion. The pH level of water can range anywhere from one to 14, with seven being considered neutral. Seawater tends to have pH levels of eight, with its unique feature of constantly rolling and shifting eventually shaping sea glass into the form we know and love today.

Choosing The Best Sea Glass Gifts

Which types of sea glass anklets or sea glass bracelets should you choose? The first one to consider is the color. Many people boast at least a few favorite hues, which can extend well to their personal fashion or just caring about what makes them unique. You should also ask yourself what this homemade gift will be used for. Who doesn’t love having a permanent staple on their necklace rack or even something that can be passed down to the children over the years? Today the authentic sea glass pendant remains a beautiful, fascinating and charming gift for people of all ages and interests.

You love the ocean and the ocean loves you back. Who in your life would love a sea glass charm this year?

A Gift From The Deep Blue Why Sea Glass Charms Make For A Unique Birthday Or Christmas Present

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