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People in the United States love to go to spas for the services that are offered. The revenue spas in North America brought in $18.3 billion in 2013. In 2016, there were about 16,710 day spas around the country. If you run or own a spa, you want it to do well, but how? Beyond getting the best types of spa equipment such the right waxing equipment,

  1. All successful business start with a good, well thought out plan. If you jump into this, or any kind of, business without a business plan, you will have a hard time making a go of it. It has been said that “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” That is very true when it comes to opening a new spa. You need to do more than rent a space, get some waxing equipment and spa supplies, you need to know how you are going to make your business bring in customers. Part of this process may be going to other spa owners and managers and asking what things they think do not work.
  2. Think about what you have liked (and disliked) about the experiences you have had going to spas. You have a lot in common with your customers. Many people will judge a spa on the way the staff made them feel. It is often less important for people to have even better quality services. You need to take that into consideration. Unlike buying a car, going to a spa needs to be a luxurious and relaxing experience. When you focus on the things you like when you go to a spa, you can create a positive experience for the people who come to yours.
  3. Size does make a spa successful. For a lot of people, the thought is that “the bigger, the better.” This is not always true and definitely not true when it comes to opening a new spa. When you go for a smaller spa space, your upfront costs will be lower than when you go for the largest space you can find. Smaller spaces also need fewer people. If you are just starting out, you should go for a smaller space with fewer people working for you. You can always move and expand later when you have developed a loyal customer base. It may be tempting to have a large lounge or big steam room but you should resist that urge. Focus on the revenue generating areas of your spa to make it a success.
  4. Focus on services that make you money. There are services that people will sign up for that are inexpensive and will not improve your bottom line and there are services that will bring in more profits. By focusing on the latter, maybe get more waxing equipment before you opt for what you need for services that will not help your profit margin, you will create a business that is sustainable. Some services take a lot of time and end up costing you, even if more people sign up for them.
  5. Bring in problem solvers. Some people think that running a spa has to be a dramatic enterprise. That the people who work in spas and salons are dramatic by nature and that some problems between staff members are normal and to be expected. That is not at all true. When you are talking to candidates, make sure they are on board with what your vision is for your business. Keep in contact with the good people you meet with and do not hire as they may still be available should someone leave your workforce.
  6. Price your products the way you want to. When you sell spa facial products, for example, the manufacturer will have a price that they recommend you use. You are under no obligation to follow that advice. Many spas find more success setting their own price for the products they sell. This just makes business sense.

There is absolutely a market in the United States for more spas. The thing to remember is that being successful in this industry requires more than getting the right space and waxing equipment. You need to start with a good plan and strategy to be successful.

6 Tips to Be Successful with Your Spa

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