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People all over the world love to buy nice jewelry. In the United States, in February 2016, jewelry sales in the United States totaled about $2.6 billion. This is according to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce. When people are looking for great pieces of jewelry, many people want items that are unique or different. It is for that reason that a full 43% of sales of jewelry are of specialty pieces. If you are looking for handcrafted jewelry, you may look online. There are things you can do to make your experience better when you buy from a website.

  1. Make sure the online jewelry store you choose to buy from is reputable. That is advice that is good for handmade jewelry but should be followed whenever you are making any kind of purchase online. Master jewelers take a lot of pride in the work that they do. Do your due diligence and spend some time researching the stores where you are considering looking for custom wedding rings or custom engagement rings. You should be able to find reviews and the like about the company that you want to buy from.
  2. Take careful measurements of your finger. It can be hard, if not impossible, to return jewelry items you have bought online. This makes a lot of sense. If you are buying handcrafted jewelry that is made just for you, the jewelry maker is not going to be able to sell it to someone else. If you are looking to get custom wedding bands, you need to get the size right. Use a string to measure the size of your finger. Take that and compare it to the sizing chart on the jeweler’s website. Go with the larger size if you have more than one option. It is possible to make a ring smaller but not bigger.
  3. Research your options in terms of the stone. Knowing as much as you can about the different stones that you can get will be very helpful in making your decision about what jewelry you buy. For example, diamonds are made from the toughest material on the planet but pearls are soft. That means they absorb liquid. This can lead to stains. Knowledge is power when it comes to buying handcrafted jewelry.
  4. Ask questions about the gemstones you are looking at. The people who will make your handcrafted jewelry should have no problem answering your inquiries about the clarity, quality and color of the different stones that you are considering. Make sure you ask if they have done anything to artificially enhance the color of the stones that they use.
  5. Make sure you are getting the real stuff. If you are looking to buy silver, you should make it a point to get Sterling silver. If you are looking for gold, you should make sure you get the right carat count. For example, if an online jewelry store is claiming to sell pure 24 carat gold jewelry, you should go someplace else. This kind of gold is too soft to be made into pieces of jewelry.

There are a lot of reasons to take your time when you are buying handcrafted jewelry from online sources, or anywhere else. When you look for unique pieces of jewelry online, at local stores or from an area gallery, you can be buying items that you are going to pass down to your children or grand children. Taking some extra time can help you make sure you get good quality pieces that will pass the test of time.

5 Tips and Tricks to Get Better Handcrafted Jewelry Online

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