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Statistics show that nearly 14% of people in the United States have at least one tattoo. Many people have feelings of tattoo regret. You’ll find that tattoos can be a wonderful piece of body art. Unfortunately, not all tattoo ideas stand the test of time. Certain pieces of body art do no stand the test of time. It’s understandable to wonder about the tattoo removal process. Here are five myths about tattoo removal.

  1. You’ll Have to Deal with Scarring

    One of the biggest myths regarding tattoo removal is that it will leave scars. You’ll find that tattoo removal lasers access a top layer of the skin. Lasers focus on removing the tattoo from the skin while not penetrating past the top layer. It’s important to ensure you’re hiring the help of a tattoo removal provider that utilizes quality equipment. Alternate types of tattoo removal that involve intense pulse lighting can cause scarring.
  2. Lotions Remove Tattoos

    You’ve probably seen your fair share of tattoo removal creams and lotions. Unfortunately, there is no lotion or cream product that is strong enough to fully remove tattoo art. If a lotion was able to work well enough, it would still end up damaging other parts of the skin. It’s wise to consider laser tattoo removal over any creams or lotions.
  3. An Older Tattoo Requires More Removal Sessions

    It seems understandable that an older tattoo might be harder to remove. However, the opposite is actually true, newer tattoos might take longer to fully fade. Older tattoos often have had natural fading occur which makes removing that tattoo easier than normal. If you’ve been freshly inked and want to remove your tattoo, you’ll need to wait a few weeks. The ink of a new tattoo must be fully settled before the removal process can begin.
  4. Removing Tattoos is Risky

    Statistics show that nearly 11% of people who have tattoos have had at least one removed or are in the middle of a removal. A lot of people around the world have tattoos, 11% that have had them removed is quite a large number. Tattoo removal continues to grow in popularity due to the fact that it is a fast and efficient process.
  5. Certain Tattoo Colors are Harder to Remove

    There are nearly 21,000 tattoo parlors located throughout the United States. One of the best parts about getting body art is the wide range of colors to utilize. One common tattoo myth is that darker colored tattoos will be tougher to remove. Many people have tattoos that have darker lines around them. Darker tattoos are easier to remove than lighter colors. However, there is no color of tattoo that is impossible to remove.

In closing, there are many unfortunate myths about the tattoo removal process. You won’t have to worry about the tattoo removal process leaving you scarred. It’s understandable to assume that lotions and other topical treatments will remove tattoos. At best, lotions and creams will only fade a tattoo. In most cases, the age of the tattoo won’t make removal easier or harder. The tattoo removal process is safe and not something to be worried over. All tattoo colors are able to be removed but a darker shades may take longer. Many people living with cases of tattoo regret live much happier after having these pieces of body art removed.

5 Falsehoods Surrounding Tattoo Removal

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