There are few things in life more satisfying than donating to charities. Charitable donations can be made to a number of charities for a number of purposes and can take many forms. You can make clothing donations, houseware donations, food donations, and even financial donations in certain cases. Donations can also be made to provide military support to veterans who need support in one way or another. This article will look at three ways you can provide military support to veterans with charitable donations.

  • Clothing Donations: One easy way to help support veterans is by donating gently used clothing. Currently Americans recycle or donate only about 15 percent of their used clothing, with the rest going to waste in landfills. Instead of throwing these clothes away, these items should instead be donated to charities that support military veterans. Military veterans, like anyone else, can fall on hard times and find themselves in need of visiting a charity for relatively new clothes. By donating used clothing to a charity that supports the military, these clothes can be kept out of the landfill and instead be put to good use in going to veterans who need them.
  • Food Donations: Another way to help support veterans with your donations is by donating food. Donating food to charities that support military veterans not only provides food to those who are in need of it, it also prevents excess food from going to waste and ending up in a landfill where it will benefit no one. The best food to donate are packaged non-perishable foods, as these will last longer. While it would be ideal to also donate fresh fruits and vegetables, the truth is these quickly spoil and aren’t the best food items to donate to any charity that collects food.
  • Houseware Donations: A third way you can support veterans is by donating housewares to charity. Housewares are those small but necessary articles that you can find in any house: silverware, glasses, pots and pans for cooking, basic appliances, the list is almost endless. By donating housewares you no longer use, or housewares that are being replaced, you can help out veterans who need these articles in their own homes.

In conclusion, there are several ways you can support military veterans with charitable donations. These include donating clothing, donating food, and donating housewares to charities that provide military support for veterans. All of these items can help veterans in need and it also keeps these items from going to waste in the landfill.

3 Ways You Can Support Military Veterans with Charitable Donations

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