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Avon, the most trusted beauty supply store ever since it was established, remains to be as strong as ever and one of the top selling beauty supply stores in Decatur GA. This is no surprise considering the success of Avon over the years. In 2010 for example, Avon had a total of $10.8 billion sales worldwide. This makes Avon the top five beauty company globally. When it comes to the Fortune 500 list, Avon is one of the very few companies that have made it on the list every year since the list was created. Across the globe Avon has 90 percent brand recognition.

Aside from financial success over the years, the company takes its social and charitable works seriously. In fact, when it comes to corporate affiliated charities for women, Avon Foundation for Women is the largest in the world. The company is also committed to bringing the benefits of technology to the people. In 1991, Avon made another history when it became the first to bring into the market the alpha hydroxyl technology. It is no surprise therefore that among the many beauty supply stores in Decatur GA, Avon is one of the most successful and trusted. In fact, Avon remains to be one of the consistently leading beauty supply stores in Georgia over the years. But there is more to Avon as one of the beauty supply stores in Decatur GA.

First, Avon atlanta is better the other beauty supply stores in Decatur GA because it offers quality beauty products for everyone. Not many beauty supply stores in Decatur GA can boast that they have quality beauty products for all women of different ethnic origin, age and socioeconomic background. For Avon, every woman is unique and every woman has the right to have quality beauty products. Avon makes this possible by offering these products at great prices. No other beauty supply stores in Decatur GA can offer the same to women out there. More importantly, Avon does not compromise the quality of its products just to lower their prices. It remains profitable over the years by making quality products at great price, not by sacrificing quality over the price or vice versa.

Second, Avon is definitely different from other beauty supply stores in decatur ga because Avon offers women the opportunity to be one of the many successful Avon representatives. Avon pioneered in direct selling of beauty products. It has championed women to become as successful as the men by making them door to door Avon ladies. The company taught them about the products that they can sell and provided them the training to become successful sales representatives. At the time when women were relegated to the home, Avon gave many of them the chance to become successful professionals. Today, the same opportunities are offered by the company to the many women in Georgia and across the globe. Research more here:

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